• Jonathan ApostolesChief Executive Officer

    Jonathan spearheads strategic planning and has primary responsibility for managing company operations. He is the driving force behind JoltSoft, setting the long-term strategy and vision and establishing the company culture.

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  • Michael LubyChief Business Development Officer

    Mike leads new business development and serves as the liaison between JoltSoft and its partners and clients. He oversees marketing and new product development and helps identify opportunities for expansion.

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  • Kristopher MiszlerChief Quality Officer

    Kristopher heads product quality and customer relations at JoltSoft.

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What we do

Founded in 2008, JoltSoft is a mobile application development company with a passion for the seemingly endless possibilities of mobile platforms. Creators of KaraokeAnywhere, a leading karaoke application for iOS devices, the Joltsoft mission is to create engaging, exciting mobile applications with not only the highest quality, but also the ability to be quickly adapted in the ever-changing mobile environment.

If you would like to discuss how to leverage our technology for your business or other opportunities, please contact us.

Our Work

  • KaraokeAnywhere
  • JoltSoft Connect

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